About us

We are specialized in the recovery and processing of production scraps from plastic material for the past 30 years.

Thanks to the experience gained and ongoing modernization processes, we are in a position today to offer efficient services and high quality products which may also be subcontracted. What we do can meet any customer/supplier need and we undertake to fulfill our commitments so that a simple business relationship can be transformed into a long-lasting rapport founded on honesty, trust and transparency.

We are always happy to meet new customers, in case you have any questions, our specialists will assist you in getting the best service.


Our services

Transport (pick up and delivery) is based on earnestness and punctuality carried out using our vehicles which are in line with environmental norms in force.
Grinding can be subcontracted as an extra service for you. It is carried out focusing on each and every detail this offering you top customized care meeting all your needs.
Storage. In order to aid handling and collection of waste material, our clients can borrow for free any of our company’s range of containers that are available of varying sizes based on each need.

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Why us


Our type of processing allows the placing of the material we treated directly in a production cycle or initiated the next regeneration.


The range of materials we have recovered is large and is coming from the most different industries, and we are also structured to perform the grinding for third parties.


We turn our business in full respect and in accordance with the latest regulations in the field of waste management and materials for recycling plastic.

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