Our company specializes in the recovery and milling of plastic waste from industrial workings (pre-consumer), such as molding, extrusion, blow molding, screen printing and so on.

The withdrawal of the waste plastic is made through our authorized vehicles, making use of specialist staff and prepared to meet all the needs of both the small company to the media.

Our production cycle is done by sorting, separation and subsequent grinding -shredding (volume adjustment).


Company values

Sustainability takes on a special meaning for our company economically, environmentally and socially.
Our products enable customers to implement their own production lines with sustainable and cheaper resources compared with raw material.
Besides being aware of contributing as far as possible to the reduction of the impact on the environment of plastic material on the ecosystem, it is also a reason of great pride that guides us to add this principle to each and every decision process.
By improving the environment people’s living conditions can be enhanced. This is why we are working on a project today to make the working place a better location for our employees.
We would like to underline that our company is authorized for the stages of pick up, transport, stocking and recovery based on environmental norms in force.

Our clients

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